CobbleStone Contract Management Software Review

CobbleStone Software provides contract, vendor and e-procurement management software and services for buy-side and sell-side contract lifecycle management. Legal, sales, and procurement professionals in government, healthcare and other regulated organizations rely on CobbleStone Software to manage everything related to contracts. 

Founded in 1995, the company is headquartered in Princeton, NJ with additional offices in Melbourne, Australia. The company has attracted hundreds of customers and thousands of users primarily in North America where it has focused its sales and marketing efforts. 

CobbleStone Software’s main product is CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise, a comprehensive solution for managing the entire lifecycle of both buy-side and sell-side contracts. Its broad range of capabilities can be broken out into four key areas: contract management for automated and centralized authoring and tracking of contracts and other documents and records; contract request tracking with automated workflows; contract reporting & analytics for monitoring and sending email alerts to users about contract deadlines and other info; collaboration for sharing, negotiating, digital signing, tracking and managing risk. 

In Contract Insight Enterprise, the user chooses from these key user elements: My Dashboards features customizable tasks buttons and summary tiles for key reports that can be expanded for pending requests and expiring contracts; My Calendar features visually tracking upcoming tasks and contract dates to avoid missing deadlines that could jeopardize a successful contract; 

charts, graphs and websites provide access and analysis of contracts managed in the system; email and calendar alerts keep users up-to-date with the status of the contract and provides links and buttons for completing actions quickly and easily such as Approve/Reject with the click of a button; in-system chat features contextual discussions about anything related to the contract (e.g. dates, budgets, language, tasks, files) for the user with questions or comments to share with other users; drag-and-drop uploading of contracts or documents relating to contracts, vendors, or contract management or e-procurement processes. 

The first step in using CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise involves creating a new contract that is to be managed by the system. This involves uploading a document which will be the core of the entire process. After selecting the appropriate contract type from lists of available standard and custom types, the user is prompted to enter values for metadata fields that the system determines to be relevant based on the contract type selected. Once entered, this metadata is previewed alongside the contract for viewing and editing. To highlight the key elements of the contract, a configurable intelligent extract of the contract’s details is auto generated and displayed on the contract’s key details page for easy access. In addition to the details of the contract, this page displays the latest status of the contract workflow process which can be customized by the user by adding various types of one-off tasks such as additional approvals.

In authoring or editing a contract, the user can choose from a library of templates supporting a wide variety of contract types. By selecting the appropriate document type, the user can have relevant language inserted into the contract. This eliminates the need for keying in frequently used and previously approved content each time a similar contract is added to the system. 

When the user selects a contract or document for authoring or viewing purposes, the documents are opened by CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise natively in MS Word. This makes the authoring and editing process easy for users of MS Word. An optional integration add-on provides further ease of use through the addition of a CobbleStone tab in the MS Word menu that provides a dedicated place for accessing all contracts and related files managed by the CobbleStone system. 

As the number of contracts managed by the system increases, the user will need a way of easily finding specific contracts and its related documents. There are two primary ways of accomplishing this in CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise. Quick Search features the ability to enter one or more keywords to retrieve any contract or document in the system containing the keywords as well as optional filters to narrow the search further. Simple Search features the ability to enter the desired value in specific fields to retrieve any contract or document matching that value in the relevant field. After completing a search, the user may choose to save the search results as an ad-hoc report which can be viewed at any time or emailed out on a scheduled basis. 

Tracking a contract over its lifecycle in Contract Insight Enterprise is accomplished through a variety of reporting capabilities: standard report views provide information that is likely to be of interest to the user; custom reports provide the user with the ability to choose what details to be reported using the custom report builder, ad-hoc query tool and user-defined dashboards created by either the user or by the admin for the user. Reports can be saved, exported or emailed on a scheduled basis including daily, weekly, monthly quarterly and yearly. 

For security and governance purposes, all actions taken by users in Contract Insight Enterprise are logged for reference. 

Any user, especially a new one, will have questions about how to use Contract Insight Enterprise. At any point, the user can click on Help to access online help and the Quick Tutorial. In addition, training sessions and courses are available to all customers. Questions and issues can be resolved with the help of the company’s Customer service team which provides assistance through email on a 24/7 basis, a Supporting Ticketing Center and a phone help desk. Optional online and on-site training services are available for purchase. Professional services to assist with system planning implementation and configuration and data extraction are also available for purchase. 

Contract Insight Enterprise can be accessed with web browsers and native mobile apps available for Android and iOS devices. The system includes pre-loaded language packs for core screens in English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, and Chinese (PRC). Additional

languages are configurable as add ons. The system is built on the Microsoft.NET framework with IIS Windows Servers and SQL Servers. It offers API plug-ins and data integration with leading CRM, vendor management, supply chain, ERP, and other standards-based software including Adobe, DocuSign, Microsoft, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, SAGE and QuickBooks. CobbleStone Software partners with these and other technology and services providers to support its customers’ needs. 

CobbleStone Software’s products and data centers comply with a range of industry and government regulations and standards including NIST, FISMA, GSA, SSAE Type II, SOC 2, ISO, and Safe Harbor. The system has been approved for purchase by government buyers on GSA Schedule 70. 

CobbleStone Software’s Contract Insight is available in a variety of deployment and pricing options. Contract Insight Express Edition is an entry level SaaS offering at a price of $59 per user per month which is designed to be deployed quickly and can be migrated for expanded capabilities. Contract Insight WorkGroup Edition is software that can be deployed on by customers on corporate servers or clouds at a price provided by request. It offers more standard and optional capabilities than the Express Edition. Contract Insight Enterprise Edition is an end-to-end enterprise level SaaS service or software that can be deployed by customers on corporate servers or clouds at a price provided by request. Enterprise Edition adds standard features such as secure sharing of contract documents between parties and managing contract approvals and other workflows, and artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for improved contract oversight, opportunity identification and risk mitigation through VISDOM Data Mining and Extraction, VISDOM Theory Calculator and Contract Vision functionality. It also offers optional features such as active directory integration for single sign-on and support for web parts and web services. 

Organizations can choose to evaluate CobbleStone Software by registering for a free 30-day trial, viewing an online recorded demo or booking a free live demo. 

CobbleStone Software customers can be found in a variety of industries including IT, Financial, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Pharma/Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Government. Examples include the following: SUNY Upstate Medical University (Education); AHMC Healthcare (Healthcare), Chiesi and Intarcia Therapeutics (Pharma/Life Sciences); County of San Diego HHSA, El Paso County, Marion County, and the State of Colorado (Government). 

Many organizations find CobbleStone Software’s Contract Insight Enterprise to be an effective contract management solution. Examples of strengths identified by customers include the following: automated email alerts that keep users from missing contract deadlines; ability to customize the contract management lifecycle to fit internal processes and user preferences, helpful, friendly, and timely responses from the company’s customer service support staff; extensive user community that shares best practices; multiple cloud and software deployment and pricing options that give customers choices. Examples of weaknesses identified by

customers include the following: high cost when there are a limited number of contracts that need to be managed; system complexity that poses challenges for new users in learning how to maneuver their way through the system; multiple steps and time required for adding a new contract into the system; creating contracts; ambiguity about what contract information is required and what is optional leads to users spending more time than necessary. 


100 Overlook Center, Floor 2, Princeton, NJ 08540 

Phone: 866-330-0056, 88-746-1930 (Sales) or 856-504-6907 (support). Email: or

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